Bluestone New Website Feedback Tool

Welcome to our brand new website, we've spent a lot of work on making it easier to book and to find out what Bluestone is all about and If you have any feedback on our new website then please let us know.

There are three sections to fill in, one if you spot a bug, one if you spot a spelling/grammatical mistake or content error and one for features that you would like to see in the future. We've tried really hard to ensure that we don't have any mistakes but we're only human and with lots of new content the odd one may have slipped through the net.

Have you spotted a spelling/grammatical mistake or mistake with the content? If so could you tell us what the mistake is and which page it's on.

NB You can use this form for more than one comment
Have you spotted a bug ? If so could you let us know what it is ? If you could be as specific as possible, detailing what you were doing/attempting to do that caused the bug, what the bug is, what device you are using to access the website, what browser (including version)

NB You can us this form to submit more than one bug.
We have some exciting plans for developing our new website, but are keen to see what you would like to see in it. If you have any ideas that you think would be a great addition to the website then maybe we can put them on our roadmap for development and you may see it appear.
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